The balancing of Security Personnel against Security Technology is one of the most important aspects of a “balanced Security System”.

When it comes to Security Personnel in itself there is no balance, as the technology only serves to support and enhance the skill and ability of the Security Officer and clarity of the situation.

The follow up investigation is where the Body Cam is most advantages in either mitigating or aggravating results. While most Video footage is either inconclusive or intelligible, our BodyCams record in HD and with a high frame rate, giving the utmost clarity currently available. As a result, the footage will be irrefutable and definitive.

Wide Angle Wireless 3G 4G LTE Police Body Cameras, 40MP 1080P Body Worn Camera Law Enforcement with GPS

Our Solution

We offer a total solution. With Body Cameras that has Wi-Fi, 4G and GPS built-in that can connect to an on-premise server or our Secure Cloud Video Management platform.

Body Camera can be controllers from the server via the client software. The client software gives your team the ability to Live View, Listen and talk to the person wearing the body camera as well as see their location and walking speed, The Person Wearing the body camera can also activate an emergency button, informing the Monitoring center there is an event happening and their assistance is required.

Wi-Fi and 4G Enabled Body Cameras also has the ability for two way communications between the wearer and the Monitoring center staff.
The more advanced Body camera also has the ability to run face recognition and can store up to 30 photos per body camera. the Monitoring center and the wearer will be made aware should the body camera match a face during operation.

Camera Management System

We offer two options 1) Cloud Hosted Camera Management System or 2) We deploy an on-premises server for you.

You can manage, register and deploy body cameras with both solutions,

Cloud Hosted Camera Management System – We manage the cloud, ensuring the system is always on the latest software, all latest firmware gets pushed to body camera’s and backups being done.

On-Premises Server – We will install the software deploy monthly updates of Camera Management Software, It is up to the client to ensure all data is backed up on an regular bases. We do provide a cloud backup solution at an additional fee.

Emergency Responce